Using the Latest Technology

At NJAL Designs we are involved with the entire process of your new custom built kitchen, office, bar or bathroom etc. We use the latest technology to achieve the highest possible quality though-out the entire manufacturing process.

The design of your kitchen, office, bar or bathroom is where it all starts. Using Cabinet Vision software to draft your project gives you a three dimensional view of what it will look like.

On this page we have some examples of what you would expect to see after we have completed your plans.

Click images for enlarged views.

Style – You Choose!

NJAL Designs offers a wide range of colours, materials and fixtures for you to choose from when designing your custom cabinets.

Granites and Laminates are available in a wide variety of colours and textures, which will ensure the end result meets your exacting needs and tastes…

With so many possible design and colour combinations available to you, our friendly staff can assist you with your choices if required.